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Congratulations on your engagement!  You’re ready to show the world just how madly in love you are with a meaningful ceremony and a joyful celebration!  Planning a wedding takes time, creativity and a bit of patience, but the hard work will result in a day that you’ll remember and cherish for the rest of your lives. 

At LVR Events, we strive to help you actually enjoy the planning process. So, we approach each event with a personal touch, tailored to your unique vision. When all of your planning is over, we’re there to make sure that you spend the day truly present – not stressing over details.  From concept to the last dance and all that comes between, we get it done - on time, and fabulously, without stress & drama.

We believe that wedding coordination is an art – seeing everything without being front and center….being everywhere without intruding….being an invisible hand that guides the day from start to finish…      

We are ready to work with you to craft a special day with an ambience and character that really represents you.  We will ensure that your event is an experience that is sophisticated, effortless, and reflective of your unique style as a couple. 

I look forward to being your wedding planner.  


Meg Hotchkiss, Owner


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