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After years and years (and years) of helping couples plan amazing weddings and events, I'm opening up both my brain and my files to YOU. 

Whether you're dreaming of becoming an event planner or you're looking to step up your planning game, I'm working on some exciting content for YOU. 

Not a planner? That's cool too - I'm working on things for wedding pros across all industries. I know what couples are looking for, and well, planning & client workflows are kind of my jam. I can help YOU TOO. 

Learn my process, things I wish I knew a decade ago, what the couples (and their parents) want, and how to streamline your workflow and gain that ever elusive work/life balance. 

I'll be pulling this rabbit out of my hat soon. 

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Hi, I'm Meg Hotchkiss.


I've been making wedding magic since before Pinterest was a thing. 

I've planned everything from $1M blowout bashes in the Hamptons to $1500 DIY backyard elopements, and I've seen some things! Now I'm here to share tips and tricks with you. I'm passionate about a NO BS approach to wedding planning & helping couples make the most of their wedding planning experience. 

I live in North Jersey with my husband & our two dogs, and when I'm not planning weddings, I enjoy traveling (road trips are a fave), making cocktails (gin, FTW) & listening to true-crime podcasts.  


My work has been featured on: 

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