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Oh the places we'll go!

Our Travel Policy.... We'll make wedding magic happen just about anywhere.

Hudson Valley Views - Photo by Fabrice Tranzer

A lot of people (incorrectly) assume that we don’t travel for weddings outside of the NYC-Metro area…. We LOVE to travel! So, it really doesn’t matter where you’re getting married – we’ll plan worldwide!

When weddings are outside of our home-base (a 60 mile radius of midtown NYC), we do have to charge minimal travel fees. Typically, we only charge for 1 to 2 nights accommodation (each wedding is different, so we figure out how much time we need to be “on the ground” at your location prior to the event), plus airfare or gas/tolls (lucky you, one of our vehicles is a hybrid).

Also, we have a bunch of friends and family who live all around the world, who we love to visit. So, if you happen to be getting married in a location where we can crash for free with someone we know, then no lodging fee for you! Here’s a list of current places (it’s ever changing, so just feel free to ask!).

Southern Oregon (Medford area) Portland, Oregon Seattle, WA San Francisco, CA San Diego, CA Los Angeles, CA Houston, TX Ann Arbor, MI Keene, NH Washington, DC Miami, FL Las Vegas, NV London, UK Quito, Ecuador

Cheers & Happy Travels!

photo credit: Fabrice Tranzer

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