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Whomp, whomp.... Blogs and Gobblins

So, we had a blog. But we rarely updated said blog. Then we decided it was about time we started blogging again. But of course, something terrible happened when we tried to move that old blog to a new host. And we lost that blog & most of the posts. They were eaten by the internet gobblins. That's a very technical term.

Whomp, whomp....

It's OK, there weren't that many, and they weren't too pretty. We're slowly trying to rebuild & re-post some helpful content & pretty weddings that were on the sad old blog. Hopefully the new blog will be less sad and neglected. Who knows though... We're not bloggers, we're wedding planners - and we can't make any promises that we'll be good at updating it because #alltheweddings. We're sure going to try though! So please bear with us!

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